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January-February 2022 Book Club

What better way to spend a chilly winter evening than with Book Club? I am very excited to start the new year with a wonderful book for your children who are ages 5-years-old through 8-years-old. Many of you who have expressed interest are new to Susan Bloch Educational Enrichment Book Club. Book Club does not require any reading on the part of the student and is conducted solely through zoom over the course of five Monday evenings from 6:00-6:45pm ($300).

In Book Club, the students learn, practice, and cultivate key literacy skills that are then used in their classrooms at school and in daily homework assignments. Your children will also learn the trajectory of a story, recalling information, making predictions and inferences, point of view of the narrator, detecting literary themes, and making self-to-text and text-to-text connections. Most of all, during our zoom Book Club sessions the students have a wonderful time conversing with one another and developing new friendships while delighting in the joys of a new book. Sign-ups are now open for the next Book Club bundle. This link can be used to sign up: NEXT BOOK CLUB SESSIONS FROM 6:00-6:45PM: Monday, January 31st Monday, February 7th Monday, February 14th Monday, February 21st Monday, February 28th I am thrilled that your children are enjoying literacy as much as I do and have the opportunity to express this joy during our Book Club sessions. Best, Susan B. Bloch, MS.Ed.



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