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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Susan B. Bloch, MS. Ed

As a New York City parent and teacher with over 15 years of experience, I understand the challenges that parents and children face every day.


I specialize in teaching methods that are focused on each child's unique learning style and skill level. By participating in activities that support their social-emotional development and cognitive development, children develop greater self-confidence, improve academic performance, and delight in discovery of new knowledge and skills. While working with me, your child will feel understood, valued, and more eager to forge ahead in the world.

At Bank Street College of Education, where I earned my Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, I was inspired by a philosophy that places children at the center of their learning.  My training in the Emotionally Responsive Classroom, child-directed learning, and the discovery-based curriculum prepared me to meet the needs of students who possess a wide range of academic and social-emotional abilities.


Setting Your Child Up For Success

Educating a child is never done in isolation, and  I am skilled at partnering with a child's entire team, including school directors and teachers, and perhaps most importantly, parents and other family members.


These early years are crucial in the development of your child’s outlook on learning and practical methods that allow for success in a school environment. This is the time to help your child build the framework that will support each step they take along an exciting and satisfying educational journey.


My passion for and commitment to early childhood education has never wavered. For each student with whom I work, the explorations we do together and the progress that we make as a team, are enduring.



Professionals Recommend

Stan Chu-MS.

Senior Graduate Faculty, Bank Street College of Education

“ As a program director at the Bank Street College of Education for 30 years, I immediately knew that Susan possessed exceptional intelligence, focus, and maturity to be an outstanding educator. Equally important was Susan’s insights of how to use her experiences as a classroom teacher, parent, and her clear vision of how to deepen her teaching practice. Bank Street recognized Susan’s accomplishments by choosing her to speak as the representative of graduates of the early childhood program.

During weekly observations in Susan’s classroom, I saw an exceptional rapport between Susan and children that led to intellectual and emotional growth built on a foundation of mutual respect and trust. I have witnessed the deep care, trust and empathy Susan and her students have for each other. In my 54 years as an educator, I consider Susan to be in the top 5% of early childhood educators.”

Anne K. Markowitz -

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"I have known Susan Bloch for 16 years and she has an uncanny, natural ability to connect with and help young children. She builds self-esteem with every interaction. Her ability to see what each child needs in order to thrive in school is simply a gift."

Jean Mandelbaum - Ph.D 

Former Director of All Souls Nursery School

I have had the good fortune of knowing Susan Bloch as a parent, a student, a colleague, and as a friend.  As the Director of the school that inspired her to teach, and as one of her professors at Bank Street College, I witnessed the development of an unusually gifted educator. At every step in her career, she has exceeded expectations and, in her own unobtrusive way, has become a leader and a model for others. 


Susan Bloch approaches each child in her care as an opportunity to help them to construct a better understanding of themselves and their school environment, and they always move on with more tools to work with and a deeper love of learning.

Her educational enrichment services take Susan's work in a new direction, which will allow her to concentrate on the education of individual children in a more intimate setting.  I know that the children and parents that she meets as a consultant will find her insights and understanding exceedingly useful and wise.

Felicia Gordon - MS. Ed

Director, The Brownstone School

“Susan holds children in the highest regard.  She sees her students as competent and capable and allows them to make mistakes in a safe and loving environment. It is clear that Susan has a passion for educating young minds and has a deep level or respect and fondness for children. Susan has an innate ability to build on what children already know and take them on a superior educational journey.  Susan’s dedication to her students and their development is unwavering, even when faced with challenging situations. Susan treats young children as independent, resilient humans; she meets children where they are at and supports them as they are wrestling with the big concepts such as academics, friendships, and social-emotional challenges. Susan invites children to partner with her; thereby becoming an active participant in their own growth.”

Joyce Portnoy -MS. Ed

Early Childhood Educator  

“I have been an educator of young children for the past 40 years and I have to say that Susan Bloch really stands out as one of ‘the best in the field.’ Susan has a wonderful, intuitive sense of how to best approach, and work with, each individual child, seeing them as unique and capable individuals with specific needs and strengths.  In turn, drawing upon her wealth of knowledge and experience, both as an educator and a parent, she is able to create individualized approaches to address these needs, particularly in the area of social-emotional development. Susan is able to foster positive and immediate changes in behavior, while maintaining and promoting self-esteem and a feeling of success and accomplishment. Susan forges strong partnerships with parents, which is integral to the overall growth and development of each child whom Susan teaches.”

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