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Early Childhood Social and Emotional Support 
 & Literacy Development

Currently my services focus on two areas of child growth- the personal development of skills and self esteem, and a group activity based around literacy enjoyment and comprehension.


Social Emotional Coaching

If your child is typically developing but lacks confidence in the classroom or amongst friends, then let's give them a helping hand, to give them the confidence to thrive in the future.

Begin by booking a free exploratory call. 

Services are based in my Manhattan office; however, sessions in the child's home and classroom are also available when requested. The content of the work depends entirely on each child's particular needs, strengths, and passions. 


Some common issues tackled in my sessions with typically developing children include:

  • Social-emotional stumbling blocks such as low self-esteem, anxiety, anger management

  • Collaborative play skills

  • Life changes such as a new sibling, school readiness, death in the family, or divorce

  • Sleep or toileting resistance

  • Fears that could be related to COVID-19 or other disruptive events/incidents


I personalize the experience for each child, taking into account specific learning styles. The experience of working in my office provides your child with an environment to learn, develop, and practice skills, tools, and strategies in a space that is all their own. 

In-person sessions are preferable, but online sessions via Zoom/FaceTime are available.  

Book Club

There is no reading required or expected from the student participants. 


This is a chance for a few children to build literacy skills together.  A weekly group meeting for children ages 4-8, with a wide range of reading/writing abilities.

During book club, the children will participate in a variety of activities that promote:

  • Comprehension

  • Story writing

  • Critical thinking

  • Reading/writing facility

  • Enjoyment of literature

We will develop skills to encourage independent reading, participation in the classroom, and an overall passion for literacy. 

 Book Club will take place virtually.

Book Club

  • 1 Hour

  • 5 Session bundles  (no make-ups)

  • $300 for 5 sessions  

  • Details about upcoming sessions will be emailed on a regular basis.

Mariel B. -

Parent & LCSW,

Director of Programs, Mount Sinai Parenting Center

             Senior Partner, SeedlingsGroup

"As both a professional in child development and a parent, lucky enough to have had a child in her class, I can honestly say that Susan has incredible skill in inspiring and developing young minds.  Susan focuses on promoting the  executive function skills that kids need to thrive today and offers practical, actionable and real-world experiences to her students. Our son formed a relationship with Susan that not only helped him to develop the critical thinking skills that propelled him to success in Kindergarten, but a relationship full of mutual respect, trust and adoration. Susan is a fearless, compassionate, devoted and highly sensitive teacher that any child or parent would be lucky to work alongside. She instills in children a love of learning - helping them to discover their own gifts and share their brilliant young minds with others."

Charles B. -


"There was a moment soon after the first Pre-K parent-teacher conference with Susan, to which my wife and I brought our expectations of a routine list of acquired motor skills and motivational considerations, when we realized that what we had just heard instead was the most insightful evaluation of our daughter’s socio-emotional development that had ever been written, full of the kind of actionable and fact-based observations that are impossible to obtain outside of a deeply trusted caregiver relationship, and it moved us both to tears. 

Motivated and resourceful parents can lavish enormous amounts of personal care and attention into the most critical ages of their young children's educational and emotional development, however even the most Herculean effort is delivered with the idiosyncrasies of the parent themselves, wrapped up in the id of a lifetime of intuition-building, essentially impossible to set aside.  As a highly-trained and experienced independent educator, Susan will navigate through the familial milieu, identifying and delivering the essential counterpunch to these developmental blindsides, enabling the child with a complete learning environment that reduces anxiety and provides opportunity for almost limitless growth. 

Susan’s experience, wisdom, and quick-thinking enables all her interactions with children in her care to be multifaceted, with each word or reaction meant to turn every opportunity into one in which the child can move closer towards their own epiphanies regarding emotional responses or personal capabilities.  I know these things because I have literally seen them happen, with mine and other children, and it is masterful to watch the dance in real-time.  I would encourage you to find a way to experience it yourself for those in your charge."

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