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Susan Bloch Educational Enrichment

Early Childhood Emotional Support 
 & Literacy Development

Working with preschool and early grade elementary children to develop self-confidence, improve academic skills, and delight in the discovery of new knowledge. 



Susan B. Bloch, MS. Ed

At Bank Street College of Education, where I earned my Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, I was inspired by a philosophy that places children at the center of their learning.  My training in the Emotionally Responsive Classroom, child-directed learning, and the discovery-based curriculum prepared me to meet the needs of students who possess a wide range of academic and social-emotional abilities.

Having taught in Manhattan preschools for the past 15 years, I love nothing more than enabling a child to feel understood and valued. They are then more eager to forge ahead in the world, both in and out of the classroom. 


Social Emotional Coaching &

Literacy Book Club


Social Emotional Coaching

If your child is typically developing but lacks some confidence in the classroom or amongst friends, then I can give a helping hand to your child, to give them the confidence to thrive in the future.

Book Club

A chance for a few children to build literacy skills together.  This is a five session, weekly group meeting for children ages 4-8, with a wide range of reading/writing abilities.  


Parents Recommend

Kathryn B. - Parent

“I would recommend Susan to any parent who wants to explore more deeply their child's strengths and weaknesses. She sees children for who they are and helps them realize what they can be. Susan guarantees that every student she teaches will go confidently into a Kindergarten classroom both socially and academically. Her approach is nuanced and child-centered without being too didactic or intrusive. We saw tremendous growth in our daughter's ability to trust - herself, her classmates, and her teachers - when Susan worked with her one-on-one. Susan couples her natural ability to think and talk like a child with her deep knowledge and understanding of child psychology. She continually adapts the treatment to meet the child's evolving needs and she never gives up on them - which is a good thing for us, since our daughter now considers her a true friend.”

Leslie B. - Parent

“Susan was my daughter’s teacher during her last year in nursery school. Susan tapped into and channeled her inner warrior. She ended that year believing there is nothing she can’t do, either in or outside of the classroom.


Six years later, she still moves through life with confidence and curiosity developed during her year with Susan.”

Noah L. - Parent

"Our son had a formal evaluation during his Pre-K year due to some inconsistencies in his performance in the classroom. The doctor who performed the testing spoke with Susan at length about our son before the testing process to see what areas and patterns she was seeing. When we sat down with him for the feedback session after the testing was complete he was in awe of how well Susan's observations were borne out in the testing results. The first thing he said was ‘Wow, Susan really has his number.’ Every observation that Susan made and informed us about was picked up in the testing. Through her careful observations and detailed note taking over the course of many weeks she had completely figured out our child”

Shannon R. - Parent

“Susan combines her many years of classroom experience with her ability to truly see each child, and their unique qualities.  She values every strength, weakness, curiosity and emotion, and by doing so, develops relationships with children that are rooted in trust.  While Susan shares an enormous amount of love, warmth and compassion with each child, this trust allows her to approach more complex topics with a directness and clarity that children respond well to.  Whether it is regression, anxiety, or a child who is simply testing boundaries, Susan is able to foster an open dialogue with children, create relatable touchpoints for children through stories and games, and provide parents with mechanisms and tools that help reinforce the work being done. Our time with Susan both as a teacher and as a resource outside of the classroom has been invaluable.”

Read More Parent Testimonials

Katherine S. - Parent

“Susan is the teacher our two children will remember forever. Not only was she the most sought-after Pre-K teacher for her excellence in preparing children for their big leap into Kindergarten, but she also brought a love and warmth into her interactions with her students. Susan ensured that my children had the social-emotional tools needed to flourish, both academically and socially in elementary school. Susan’s passion for working with children is palpable and her ability to connect with them as unique individuals sets her apart. She has left an indelible mark on both of my children, for which we will always be grateful.”

Lauren E. - Parent

“Susan is one of those teachers you always remember. She cares deeply for her students making special connections with each of them that help build their confidence and skills so they thrive inside and outside the classroom. With my son specifically, she fostered a relationship that continued throughout his kindergarten year and greatly contributed to his educational success.”

Jenifer F. - Parent

“Susan Bloch taught my daughter as a whole child.  She took into account my daughter’s unique personality, with all its strengths as well as areas in need of growth, and met her exactly where she was in order to facilitate a huge amount of positive development.   In her instruction, Ms. Bloch took care of my daughter's emotional as well as cognitive needs, and took the time to really get to know and understand how she felt the safest and learned the best.  Even now as a 7th grader, and 8 years after their time together, my daughter remembers her time with Ms. Bloch with clarity and warmth.  As a parent, I hold my daughter’s year with Ms. Bloch as one of my favorite experiences, and am so grateful to have had Ms. Bloch play an important role in the life of my daughter.”

Katie H. - Parent

“From the second our daughter walked into Susan’s classroom, Susan was laser-focused on figuring out how she ticked and how best to build a foundation of trust and mutual respect. Susan is absolutely masterful at understanding young children, and believes that the best learning only happens when you look after a child’s social-emotional health first. Our daughter is not quick to trust adults, but grew to see Susan as her rock, and we credit Susan with the incredible growth we saw in our daughter this past year, in her confidence, her interactions with peers, and of course her academics as well.”

Scott S. - Parent

“Our son was lucky enough to have Susan as his teacher for his last year of preschool, before heading off to Kindergarten. Susan has a special way with kids and was able to figure out exactly what our son needed, whether it was support or a hug or some tough love. She had such a positive impact on our son, in so many ways, and built the foundation upon which he has continued to grow and succeed as a student, and a young boy. We can’t say enough good things about Susan and all she did for him!”

Lauren L. - Parent

"I cannot say enough about Susan as an early childhood educator. She has a natural ability to figure out children - to see what makes them ‘tick.’ Our son had some early red flags for a learning disability that had been missed previously. Within the first few weeks of his year with Susan she identified the warning signs and brought them to our attention.


Susan’s knowledge, support, and encouragement we were fundamental in setting him up for a successful kindergarten year and beyond.”

Jill H. - Parent

"Susan made a lasting impact in our child’s life well beyond preschool.  Through her compassion, creativity and consistent approach, Susan built a trusting relationship with our child. This special bond helped my child's strengths to shine even brighter.  Not only did my child look forward to their time with Susan everyday in preschool, but they still continue to keep in touch.  Moreover, Susan loved our child even during the trickiest moments, which speaks volumes to the compassion she has for children.  As parents, we appreciated her meaningful feedback and advice specific to our child’s needs.”

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